Madonna’s Adoption…is it Fair?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Madonna’s Adoption-Is it Fair?

Madonna wanted to adopt a baby boy in an African orphanage. She has power & money. Most people wait 18 months and probably wade through piles of paperwork to get a baby from that region. Most people who have adopted internationally can relate to the frustration of the long wait. We wonder why children should have to wait so long to be placed in a home with a family that longs for them. It doesn’t seem fair.
Madonna pulls some governmental strings and I am sure, some extra money, and she gets her baby!
Is it fair? Probably not. But to that baby he has a family and no longer lives in an orphanage. Fair or not to the parents who desperately wait for babies, this baby was destined to be one of the LUCKY ones.
And the other good news…Madonna has once again, like other stars, put the plight of orphans into the news and this alone may help hundreds of more orphans to get homes!
So, thanks Madonna!

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