We had this in Russia!

Alex has an incredible enthusiasm for many things.  He loves ‘NEW’ things…or foods he likes…or just news about something or someone!  He is pretty easy to please!

Lately when he gets a food in front of him that he likes he will exclaim, “We had this in Russia!”  It is usually an item that in no way was ever given to him in Russia, but sometimes rice or pasta can make him say this also…and I know they had that.

The other day we had chicken and rice and he got all excited.  He said how he loved this food and that he had it in Russia.  Then he turned to me in all seriousness and said, ‘Nope, I think it actually was in kindergarten!”

So, now Russia and kindergarten are blurring together as the days march on that he is here with us.  I thought it was rather cute though!



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