Mother’s Day

It was a special Mother’s Day for me since my oldest son, Brandon, now 24, will be moving to his own apartment next month in WI.  My guess is, it will be more and more difficult to have all 5 of my kids home at once after this.  We spent the day at my brothers’ home with his family.  It was a beautiful day and we spent it eating and then playing some whiffle ball in the yard.  It was fun seeing all the cousins getting along…all ages…and having fun. 

My nephew, Trevor, graduates soon and will be heading to Yale in Aug.  He is one very smart guy and I’m excited to see him doing so well.

Brandon will head to WI next month but I am glad he had a few years at home since Tania and Alex joined our family.  It gave him more time to get to know them better.  He was in college when we adopted them and wasn’t home much so this was a bonding time they both needed to become real siblings.  Alex will especially miss him since Brandon loves being a BIG kid sometimes and lets Alex play along with him!

I hope all moms and women looking forward to being moms had a nice Sunday.  Being a mom is very rewarding…one of the hardest jobs you’ll ever have…but oh, what a ride!


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