Tadpoles in my Tupperware

With only a few days left of school before Summer Vacation, I think I know I will be quite busy this summer.  Tania and Alex got out early today and came home excited to play with friends.  It was a nice warm day.  Tania and her friend, Jenna, headed to our pond and soon came back with legs and arms covered in mud.  I soon discovered one of my newest Tupperware bowls on the kitchen table filled with water and dozens of tiny tadpoles.  Oh joy! We later had to learn what tadpoles eat and boiled and dried some lettuce for them.  Yum…

Alex, 8, then came in with his friend, Connor.  Connor then began to tell me of all the treasures Alex gave him.  Kellen’s electronic key chain, our house key, and another key & keychain(I’ve yet to figure out who that belongs to).  Alex still is so excited to find things, especially little things that can fit into his pockets that he loses all sense of belonging and the object immediately becomes ‘his’.  We have been working on this for a long time and have made progress, but he still has slip-ups like today!  Connor did give it all back…

Kellen, after finishing his last final as a Junior, went swimming with friends…briefly appeared for supper and then off again.  I have a feeling we won’t see a lot of him this summer.

Time will tell how I survive this summer…but I can tell it is off to a WILD start!

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Happy June!

Debbie…Adoption Coach…. www.adoptionhighway.com  


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