I Love Papa…

Did you know that children who have lived in orphanages, once adopted, bond with their fathers faster than their mothers?  Well, think about it.  These kids live in orphanages run by women…all their caregivers are women.  Which explains why Alex, the first month here, was calling all women– my mom, me, my sister–, ‘Mama’…the name they call the caregivers.  Children in an orphanage rarely see men…they are just not there.

Alex was totally fascinated by Dennis, his Papa, right from the start.  Of course, Dad’s do the Dad thing…sit on the floor with a ball and toss it back and forth to their child.  When we went to the orphanage to visit Alex on our trips it was Papa he ran to first.  And that was fine with me.  Dennis was the more skeptical of the two of us that adoption was the right thing to do with our family.  It didn’t take long for him to change his tune once this little guy stole his heart.  When we heard about Alex having a sister in another orphanage, it was me that said, “Let’s think about this” and Dennis was saying “Let’s take her”–sigh unseen!

Last night we took Alex to the pool for a little swim, and he was thrilled that Dad was coming along.  He showed off all his swimming skills to Dad!  He never stopped grinning as he showed Dad all the things he could do!  Although I know he loves me too, I am the one home all the time that makes him do chores, disciplines him when he digs up my flowers, etc.  Dad isn’t home as much, so his time with Dad is just more special.  Dennis and I felt a bit sad when they stopped calling us Papa and Mama, and became Mom & Dad.

Here is a special video of a REAL dad who loves his son so much he will include him in his marathons each year.  Watch the joy in this young man’s face.  Get the tissue out for this one!

VIDEO: I Can Only Imagine


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  1. Posted by Sybil on Sunday, July8, 2007 at 3:35 p07

    We adopted our now 14 year old daughter from the Far East of Russia 9 years ago. I just discovered your site – it is wonderful. Thank you also for the AMAZING VIDEOS of your family and the one you posted (Can You Imagine) in this section. It was heart wrenching in the best way. Happy 3rd anniversary to the whole family in celebration of your youngest children.


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