Adoption Day #3


Our Adoption Video is on YouTube.  It has been 3 years since Tania & Alex became part of our family.  Whereas it now seems like they have been with us since birth, I still remember the early days of the adoption process and the early, chaotic days when they were finally home with us.

The adoption process is not easy…and not for the faint of heart.  There are tons of ups and downs, and LOTS of waiting.  You will turn your whole day upside down to get a paper notorized, etc. and overnighted for some Russian official that needs it immediately….and then you will sit and wait some more.  It is all quite frustrating.

That is why I developed the Adoption Highway Membership Club….to help others through this difficult adoption process.  It is where Knowledge is a Good Thing!  Be sure and check it out…there are 2 basic membership plans…and both will have you on the right track to Russia.

So…tomorrow as we take our kids out for a Russian lunch in honor of their Adoption Day…I hope you’ll be considering the importance of adoption and what it means to Families & Children.

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