…and then there were 4!

Today our oldest, Brandon, now 24, moved to an apartment in WI…a little more than 2 hours away.  We actually rented the U-Haul and moved his bed, sofa, dresser and more a few weeks ago…when the temps were unbareably HOT!  But, he came back for 10 days to finish out his time at his job.  His new job in Fond du Lac starts in a few days.  Alex asked lots of questions as to why he had to leave us.  I explained it was time for him to have his own place…and he wanted to be closer to his girl friend who still has one year of college left up there.  I know he will visit us periodically but things will never be the same. 

I feel a little sad that all my kids will not sleep under the same roof too many more times.  But, I am glad Brandon got to know Tania & Alex these past 2 years…as he wouldn’t have gotten close to them otherwise.  He still finds Tania and 7th grade girls in general, difficult to figure out.  But, he got a kick out of Alex and his enthusiasm for helping him with his car, going to movies for kids and more….

We will see if having just one less kid makes a difference with the household budget, etc.  He wasn’t home a lot any way…but he could eat and drink a lot when he was here!

So~~ Our family dimensions are changing.  I am a little sad, but he has been ready to leave us for quite awhile and didn’t like parents checking on him, etc. anymore.  It is just a matter of time before Travis leaves…of course, he needs $$ first!

I overheard Alex tell one of Tania’s friends that he used to have 3 brothers but now only has 2.  I had to explain to him that brothers will sometime live in different houses…but still will be your brother!  It was cute.

Take care…

Debbie ~~~The Adoption Coach~~~~Parenting Article Here


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