Uncle Bob

Alex, now 8, has loved the name ‘Bob’ for awhile now.  All his captured bugs, frogs, and even cicadas this summer were lovingly named ‘Bob’.

I was recently having the discussion of how family works.  I had explained to him that Aunt Sue was my sister and her two sons were my nephews, but they were cousins to him.  (Now if this isn’t all very confusing to someone who is trying hard to internalize the English language after spending 5 yrs in Russia, I am not sure what else is!)  I tried to see if he’d understand it better if I told him when Brandon gets married someday and they decide to have a baby, that baby would be his nephew and he would call Alex, ‘Uncle Alex’.  At this Alex looked at me seriously and said, “I’d rather be called, “Uncle Bob”.  I tried to tell him that it could be confusing to the baby, he was determined that everyone likes ‘Uncle Bob’ and that he would be called just that.

So….anyone else want to try this family relations explanation thing????


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