Senior Night

Ah…Highschool Football season is here.  I LOVE IT!  Son #3, is a senior on the Carmel High School football team in Mundelein, IL.  It is a very competitive team.  We got hooked when son#2 played 5+ years ago and Carmel won several titles.  We take Tania and Alex, who like the social end of football more than the game.  But it is loud and crazy and tons of fun.

Friday was Senior Night.  We ate supper with the Senior boys before the game and then the boys escorted their parents onto the field with announcers, etc. 

I must say, standing next to the kid that was supposed to be my ‘baby’ and now he hovers over me at 6’5, is pretty amazing.  He handled going from the Baby to Middle Child pretty well, I admit.  There are probably many times he wishes for the quiet days of old, but I think he truly loves Tania & Alex in many ways…just doesn’t show it openly at this age.

Returning to our seats, I then found Alex caked in gooey mud from slipping in a puddle under the stands.  It was back to reality and to the bathroom for a quick clean up!  I think I will have to be pushed in my wheelchair or walker by the time Alex graduates from High School.  Ha!


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