Tania’s Hair

Today I took Tania in to get her hair cut.  She has been talking about this for weeks…how she was going to have it styled, etc.  It was shaped around her face and layered in the back.  It looked very cute.

She was thrilled all the way home, looking in the mirror and saying how much she loved her hair.  When we got home, she ran to her room to do the usual thing…change clothes.  A few minutes later, she came down in tears.  It seemed her hair did not match any of her clothes now.  (whatever that means!)  She hated her hair and had absolutely nothing to wear.  It was a major crisis…for sure!  

So…for all you parents of teenage girls…can you explain this to me?  I find it totally amazing. With 4 boys and one girl, I still say, right now she is more work than all 4 of them.  Not that I don’t enjoy it…but it is tiring and I am always amazed at 13 yr old girls and their many moods.

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