Oklahoma State Coach–Good Parent Award

It is 9/25/07, regardless of what my post says….and all over the news is the ranting and raving of the OK State Football Coach speaking his mind after a reporter went after one of his players.  And while she may be a young reporter and not a parent yet, and he may have blown up a little too much on this, he does have a valid point.  My older boys all played football and I still have one in High School playing his heart out on this sport.  They all totally love the game and when they are playing the whole world could crumble around them and they’d never notice.  They are that focused. 

The reporter apparently made very negative remarks about this young man who, while giving 100% to the game, made some mistakes….as people sometimes do….and she belittled him for getting consoled by his mother.  The coach was furious!  He admitted that his players are young…even in college he referred to them as kids.  (And as a parent of ‘kids’ this age, I agree…they still are not making mature choices all the time.)  He told the reporter to come after him, the adult…the adult who was in charge of the plays in that game.  At that moment, I saw him as a parent…and he might not even be a parent, but he stood up for one of his kids and reminded the world that this was a GOOD kid!  Too many times the bad kids make the news for all the wrong things.  Yet, here it was that a Good Kid was making the paper for mistakes he made while trying to do the right thing.

So….Applause to the OK State Football Coach for standing up to the media and reminding us all that mistakes made on a football field can be made by anyone and to remember the person in that uniform has feelings.  That person probably feels bad enough about mistakes made at the game and doesn’t need salt added to the wound.  We should all remember that when our kids make mistakes and try to be a bit more understanding and a little less judgemental.

P.S.   Being from Chicago….maybe we should all remember this as everyone loses their tempers with Chicago Bears quarterback, Rex Grossman this week!!


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  1. Posted by Andrea Marcus on Tuesday, February19, 2008 at 3:35 p02

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    He want’s to be adopted so much that he will not unpack his bags.
    Please pass this on to any football loving parent who may consider adopting him.
    He will not give up this quest and as a social worker who wants to help him locate a permanent home…neither will I.
    I can be reached at 973-763-9205, extention 3516


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