Shorts Last Week, Winter Gear This Week

Autumn in the MidwestAh…Living in the midwest!  On the 14th of Sept. we froze to death at a football game, sitting on frozen metal bleachers with lightweight jackets on.  The only blanket we had we tried to stretch for 4 people.  I love high school football and our son’s team, Carmel Catholic, is one of the best to watch.  However, each week we never know what conditions we will be sitting through.  I really wasn’t ready for a cold windy day in early Sept.  But then we had several weeks of unseasonably warm weather.  It was downright hot & humid…to the point people were starting to complain about this extended summer.  So, then Tues. this week cold front went through and with in 48 hours we had dropped about 40 degrees.  Now everyone is complaining it’s too cold.  Go figure…never happy it seems!  Last Friday we sat in shorts and sandals during the evening football game.  It was actually quite humid.  Then one week later we sat in our winter gear, coats, hats, gloves with blankets on our legs and still took 30 min. to thaw out in the car afterwards.  But Carmel won again…spoiling St. Viator’s Homecoming…but they had done that to us last year.  They were our only loss last year, so it was a great win last night.  We have to beat the strongest team in the conference next week, Joliet Catholic, which will be a tense game!  However, we are in the playoffs as it stands and I pray that we have some comfortable Friday nights in November.

But, yes folks!  It is Chicago…the Midwest….and the weather can change on a dime.  But I think I’ll take that compared to a location that doesn’t see dramatic season changes.

Thats all for now….Go Carmel!

Debbie Mumm….The Adoption Coach….

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