Halloween 2007

Halloween 2007Alex has a little Halloween program this morning I am getting ready to go to.  I could hear him practice his songs in the bath tub last night.  He actually has a pretty nice voice.  I am thinking music may be  one area in which Alex may excel in someday.  When a song comes on he likes he is immediately toe-tapping to it or humming along.

Alex has several costumes this year to choose from for Halloween.  My sister sent him a cowboy costume and even though he was that last year he is quite fun of carrying a gun and wearing cowboy boots.  I think it’ll be the costume again this year.  Tania has changed her mind hundreds of times and although she got a cute girls pirate costume from Aunt Peggy she will probably be too ‘cool’ to wear it out of the house.  I am enclosing photos of them in their costumes.

Hard to believe it is their 4 th Halloween.  I remember the first one and Alex…then 5…was pretty scared of all the people in costumes and masks.  I still don’t think he likes that part of it!  But just think of these kids, who got one piece of hard candy for Christmas in a Russian orphanage, could go door to door and people throw in handfuls of candy.  It must have been like heaven to them!

Happy Halloween!

Debbie…the Adoption Coach…. http://www.adoptionhighway.com  

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