High School Football…Gotta Love it!

Tonight we (Carmel Catholic High School of Mundelein, IL) played against De LaSalle High School in Chicago.  They had a tough defense but we had a tougher defense.  It was a great game where Carmel won 16 – 0.  It was a little chilly but we wore our winter gear and all that jumping up and down screaming helped us to stay warm.  Travis brought a friend and Tania brought a friend so everyone had a good time.  Alex stayed at a friends since we worried at an inner city game he might want to wander off from us.

It is rather gratifying to see so many friends and families supporting a high school football team the way Carmel fans do.  We can be a rather roudy bunch!  They actually gave us the home side of the stands at this game predicting we’d have more fans than the home team…and we did!

I always feel kind of bad for the losing team during the playoffs since it is their last game of the season once they lose.  We have experienced that and know that sad feeling.  But Kellen was thrilled with the outcome of the game and was out there jumping on his teammates and doing a lot of cheering.  So…we now head to the Semi-finals next weekend.  The good news is we are playing on our home field….but we play the only other team left in Lake County …. Lake Zurich.  It’ll be a tough game.  If we win, we head to Champaign, IL for the state championship game Thanksgiving weekend.

Let’s Go Carmel!!!!

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