The Football Season — It’s Over for us!

Well, all the local papers predicted at least 6000 people would attend last night’s High School Semi-Final Football game against the last two Lake County schools left in the playoffs…Carmel Catholic High School vs. Lake Zurich High School.  Actually, the last count was that over 8000 people attended that game.  That included us.  We came two hours early and barely got a seat on the 5 yard line.  We waited for 2 hours in a fine drizzle with 40 degree temps and a nice wind.  By game time, we were already chilled.

The teams were pretty evenly matched.  Carmel made just enough errors to let Lake Zurich score twice before we scored.  It was predicted that this game would be tight.  We never did see our usual game winning tactics as Lake Zurich held us on almost every play.  All the yelling from the stands, the gold thundersticks, the cheers just couldn’t pull our guys to victory.

Lake Zurich won 17 -7.  It was pretty quiet on the Brown & Gold side.  But no booing was ever heard.  It was a good game and Carmel fans were proud to get this far in the playoffs.  We were never even considered earlier this season.  Lake Zurich will head to Univ. of IL next Sat. to play the championship game.  They lost that game last year and I am sure they were extra motivated to win against us to go back and try again.  Lake Zurich buses were escorted by Lake Zurich police cars back to their home town.

Carmel boys left the field with heads down, very disappointed.  The families waited by the locker room door to give them support before they headed home.  The last kids out were the seniors, who, including Kellen, our big 6’5 senior, came out of the lockers with tears in his eyes.  He could not disguise his disappointment.  Travis, gave him a big hug.  He told me that he remembered that sad feeling of taking those football pads off for the last time….never to play football again.  He said it is really hard on seniors who spend 4 years on a sport with not much hope of continuing it in college or adulthood.  That made a lot of sense to me.

The senior boys hung around awhile hugging each other and crying a little.  It was good to see that they could support each other in this time of disappointment. 

Yes…we are disappointed not to be going to the State Finals.  But we are proud of the Carmel football team who all acted like fine young men when they lost.

P.S.  One little funny note….Alex was playing with a friend under the stands at that game.  In the last few minutes he got hit in the knee with a rock.  He came up to us crying.  He was so upset that his friend hit him he was still crying after the game.  He clung to Travis because Travis was giving him attention.  As we hung around the locker room door waiting to console Kellen and friends, a young guy came up to Alex and tried to console him thinking he was upset about the loss.  Travis kind of laughed saying Alex was more concerned about his knee than the game.  The guy laughed thinking Alex was a real die-hard Carmel fan! Note:  Alex was chasing friends in the grass before we headed home…so the knee survived!

Now onto the important task of enjoying Thanksgiving…..

Debbie Mumm

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