Good News…Bad News….

Good News….

Kellen is now coming with us on Friday to Iowa.  He got a rejection letter from Univ. of IA since he did not have 2 years of a foreign language.  He thought he wouldn’t come with us to Cedar Rapids this weekend.  Then he got invited to a tour of campus at Augustana and Loras.  We will learn tomorrow which one will accomodate us best and go with that one.  Tour around 2.

Then we’ll head into C.R.

Bad News…

Tania missed school on Friday with a bad headache.  She had it all weekend and even stayed home again today.

Good News…

Took her to our chiropractor and less than an hour after her adjustment the headache went away!  Yes!  He said she was all tight between her shoulders and neck.

Bad News….

While we were at the chiropractor Alex’s school called to tell me to pick him up since it looked like he had pink eye.

Good News…

Chiropractor told us to save our time and money and just use a saline solution in his eye…it is a natural disinfectant.

Bad News….

Alex screamed so hard while I put drops in his eyes everyone thought I was stabbing him with a knife.

Good News…

Within 20 min. he was happy and requesting popcorn.

Bad News…

He’ll probably be home tomorrow since he can’t go to school if his eye is still leaking.

Good News…

He should be perfectly fine by Friday when we leave for Iowa.

Bad News…

After fixing Alex, Kellen came home and dropped his bottle of vitamin water on the floor and it poured all over.

After cleaning that up I went into the kitchen and stepped in a puddle of pee that Bo had just left.  After cleaning that up my meatloaf started to drip grease in the oven causing the kitchen to fill up with smoke.

Good News…

Everything settled down after all this and I managed to make a decent supper and kids were all in bed relatively early.

What a day!  Calgon…take me away!!!

Debbie Mumm…..


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