Martin Luther King day—Alex’s thoughts

Alex came home from school to tell me they watched a special movie.  It was about Martha Lulu Ping.  It threw me off until I remembered that Monday they have school off for Martin Luther King.   When I asked further, like why was he famous, then I got more interesting info.  It seems that the police didn’t like it that people were having parades in the streets and they sprayed water hoses at them.  One of the hoses even knocked one boy over.  Martha Lulu Ping said that the parades were good though except then he got shot and died.

My 17 yr. old comments on this…”Well, that was one worthwhile movie for Alex.  Looks like he knows everything he needs to know about Martin Luther King!”

Ahh…leave it to kids to see things in a totally different way.

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Have a great day!

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach,


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