Good Alex – Bad Alex

The other day I sent Good Alex off to school.  He came home a different kid we call ‘Bad Alex’.  Bad Alex is grumpy, whiny and yells a lot.  Bad Alex was mad that he had Religious Ed after school that day.  He refused an after school snack.  He came home from Religious Ed a few hours later and was grumpier and whinier than when he left.  He refused supper and yelled and screamed about having homework papers.  Mom sat patiently through the 45 min. it took to do 2 homework sheets.  He continued being naughty right through bath time.  Mom put the ‘Bad Alex’ to bed early that night.  He had no snack at bedtime although he begged for one.  He feel immediately to sleep.

Amazingly, when this boy woke up the next morning he was ‘the good Alex’ again.  He ate breakfast, talked to his mom about school events, and happily got ready for school. 

All this mom can figure out is that when Alex is tired and hungry the Bad Alex will surface.  Sometimes there is nothing she can do to change his behavior if he refuses to cooperate.  The good thing is that the Good Alex always seems to resurface…and that is comforting.  So just hang in there! 

Article: Behavior and the Adopted Child

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