Florida sounds nice when I have 15 in. of snow

Living in northern IL one can usually count on the fact that the weather will change a lot.  Well…we had a major snowstorm on Wed. that dumped 15 inches of very wet snow on top of the 7 or 8 we already had.  Of course, the kids were delighted it was a snow day.  Alex and Tania still have that Siberian blood and love to be outside in the snow no matter how cold or wet they get.  The dryer worked overtime as I dried their coats and accessories over and over so they could keep going outside.

The one thing that makes this all tolerable for me is that next week Tania and I head to FL to visit my parents who just got a condo there.  My mom, of course, is miserable there away from her friends and family.  So…maybe we’ll break up the doldrums for her!  Dennis is taking Kellen, our 17 yr. old , and Alex, 8 to do some serious college hopping.  He is visiting Augustana College, Coe College and Loras College and will stay in Cedar Rapids with Dennis’ sister that weekend.  So…we’ll all be busy.

Kids went back to school on Thurs. but all the buses were running late since the roads are in such bad shape.  It seems that our area has run out of salt…the salt is stuck on a barge frozen on the Mississippi River.  It is amazing what salt can do to a road.  They are all snow covered and mostly down to one lane.  The kids were thrilled to hear they closed the schools for tomorrow since the road will be no better then.  Sigh…another day with snowbound kids!!!


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