Annie…Broadway play vs. real orphans

We went to see Annie Jr…a play put on by the Christian Youth Theatre…at College of Lake County in IL.  Both Tania & Alex enjoy music so I figured they’d like it.  Not a complaint out of them.  Alex was bopping along sitting next to me and was really paying attention.  Tania was surprised to see so many kids with lots of talent.  I admit, they did an excellent job.  Music was great.

I was hesitant at first to take the kids to see this because of the theme…a girl from an orphanage getting a better life by being adopted.  I do think Tania sometimes feels a bit guilty that she found a home away from the russian orphanage yet some of her best friends are still there.

Both kids seemed to enjoy the show though and never mentioned the orphan theme to us.  We stopped off at Subway for sandwiches since it was 8 pm when we got out of the play…and then headed home to our warm house to eat them.  (It was below zero out!)

Until next time….

Debbie, The Adoption Coach,


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