Vacationing with Parents–is it possible?

Well, Tania (7th gr.) and I went to Naples, FL for the long 5 day weekend last week.  My parents have a new condo down there.  It was great to get away from the snow & cold to an area that is green and sprinkled with flowers.  It was 80 most days and very sunny.  We both came home with some sun.  All in all it was a nice trip although I admit staying with my parents, who are now getting old, was at times trying.

We were excited to spend time at the beach there just enjoying the waves, sun and collecting shells.  My father, however, thinks that we needed to pack a lunch each time…then after hauling chairs, towels and lunch down to the beach, we needed to eat it immediately and then promptly thereafter, go home.  One day after taking almost 45 min. to just find a parking spot, then another half hour to get to the beach and find a 6 x 6 spot to plant ourselves (it was very crowded!), he’d want to leave after the first half hour.  I encouraged them to stay a bit longer and suggested him putting on sunscreen and sitting for awhile.  It seems he doesn’t believe in sunscreen…and then wondered why his face got so red that day!  Sigh…

We did get to go one day on an airboat in the Everglades which was fun.  We went to the Naples Pier which my brother had insisted on.  Tania & I enjoyed walking up and down it watching the fisherman, the pelicans and all the people there.  My mom’s comment….”well, now we can say we went there and don’t have to go there again.”  Needless to say, my parents didn’t think the Pier was all that great.

Tania had her moments of whining or complaining but for the most part was good, considering spending time with adults and no friends for 5 days was difficult for her sometimes.

It was nice to get away, but it was nice to get home and see all ‘my guys’ again.  Alex was cute and had purchased a necklace & earrings from his treasure box at school for me since he said he missed me.  He, Dad & Kellen spent the weekend looking at colleges…Augustana, Coe and Loras.  Kellen seemed to favor Coe & Loras of the 3.  He still wants to look at a big college before deciding.  Travis went to visit Katie in PA, and we even had to put our old dog Bo in a kennel for the weekend since no one was home.  This never happens!  It was a busy weekend!

I hope I remember how to act young when I get old (er).  When I see my parents, I have to think that they must have forgotten this!  We are now back into our regular routine…but do miss that Florida sunshine.

Deborah Mumm,

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  1. Being in Florida with elderly parents really rang a bell for me. My Mom and Dad had a home in Bonita Springs and Dad always wanted us back from the beach at a certain time because he’d be making something for dinner like a Yankee Pot Roast. All we wanted to do was stay at the beach until sunset and eat fried clam strips and drink cold beer from the bar there. Ha! With my Mom and Dad having both passed away within the last half year I kind of miss Dad’s quirks, but definitely remember firmly the frustrations of “vacationing” with them. Mostly that they wanted to have everything planned out and we just wanted to flow, baby. Or a quick trip to Home Depot that uses up the entire sunny morning and creeps into the afternoon of one of our precious days.
    Still, all in all, it sounds like some neat girl time for your and your precious daughter. Aren’t you glad she came along into your life?


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