Notes on the NIU Valentine’s Day Tragedy

As a parent, I can only imagine the horrible feeling of knowing your child was a victim of a senseless killing in a college lecture hall, which seems like a fairly safe place to be.  I feel for the families and friends of the students killed or injured there on Valentine’s Day… a day we usually think of as a ‘warm & fuzzy’ day…of chocolates and love notes…not murder.

Yes…it was a tragedy.  And it was another incident we all need to learn from.  Could the killer have been helped before this happened?  Obviously security on this NIU campus needs to be stepped up a notch…as I am sure most schools and college campuses need to be.

However, when Gov. Blagojavich decided today to have this building torn down with another state of the art building to be built in its place, it just seems to be a hasty decision without consideration of finances in place.  It was said that we don’t want to forever dwell on this tragedy as life must go on for the other students on this campus.  Is creating a brand new building named Memorial Hall going to help us get past this?  Probably not.  Forever it will be remembered why the Hall was named this.

I think that renovating the lecture hall where the tragedy took place might be a good idea.  Maybe using the millions of dollars it’ll take to create a new hall could be used for scholarships for students, a new security system on campus, or some other avenue that directly benefits students at NIU…students that are there on campus right NOW.

 I hope someone on the NIU campus puts a stop to the Gov.’s idea which is a huge waste of tax dollars in an economy already suffering and asks for help in another way to best serve purpose to the students of NIU.  The current students on campus will be long gone when a new building is erected.  It will serve them no purpose and these are the students suffering today from fear, loss of security, and more.

Let’s not build a Memorial which forever tells of a day one student changed the lives of thousands…a day we all want to forget.  I never want my children forgotten but I would want them to be remembered for the people they were, not the horrible way they died.

Just my opinion on an on-going story in Northern Il news.

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach,


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