Remembering some of the ‘Firsts’—

I remember just a month after Tania & Alex were home with us, we decided to go out to a restaurant as a family.  It was Dennis’ (husband) birthday.  Tania was almost 11 but several times crawled under the table.  Neither kid could sit still while waiting for the food.  Both had to be taken to the bathroom several times…just to walk around.   I remember my mom commenting on their behavior another time saying, “They are too old to act like that.  Don’t they know better?”  I had to admit to her that actually they didn’t know better…how would they know good table manners when they lived in an orphanage?

I found it extremely frustrating that neither kid could wait for me to fix a meal either.  Again…living in an orphanage kids don’t see the meal being prepared.  They come to a table and are served.  Both kids would beg for food the entire time I was cooking.  This took a very long time for them to get used to this time of day.  Even at a restaurant, the idea of having to wait for your food was a bit much to handle. 

Now, they are very well behaved in restaurants.  I still let Alex bring a few of his ‘guys’ to play with at the table while waiting.  They have come a long way….and I can actually enjoy a meal with them now!


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