Another Birthday for Alex

Alex’s birthday was Friday, March 21st.  He has been counting the days all month.  With a family full of March birthdays it is difficult when yours is one of the last in the month.  We planned for 8 of his friends to  meet us at Chuck E Cheese to have a party later that afternoon.  It was the first day of spring break–and of course, in Chicago style, we got dumped with 12 inches of very wet snow.  It snowed and snowed.  We had to postpone the party until Sat. since the roads were so bad.  Alex was quite disappointed.

Brandon, his oldest brother, came in for Easter though and cheered him up.  He brought a cake from the store and we all sang ‘Happy Birthday’.  Alex got to cut the pieces for everyone, which he thought was very cool.  I felt bad his birthday was turning out so poorly but after the cake he skipped around the family room announcing it was the best birthday ever.  Go figure!

We did survive the Chuck E. Cheese experience.  I thought no one would be there the day before Easter…with a foot of snow on the ground…but the place was packed.  The kids all had fun and we went home to relax.  However, several of Alex’s friends came over to play with his new toys (mostly Star Wars stuff) and before long were running and throwing things.  I pushed  them out into the snow so they could play rough out there. 

Alex was exhausted…woke up for Easter morning with a fever and the flu.  Not much fun being sick but I assured him this too shall pass.

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