Interview with Angelina Jolie on Toddler Adoptions

As you know, we adopted 2 older children from Russia.  They were 5 and 10 at the time.  There are advantages and disadvantages of adopting older children.  Some of the advantages are they are already potty trained, can play with others, can talk, and it is already apparent if there are health issues or not.  Some of the disadvantages are that they may have picked up bad behaviors, they can talk back, and already have likes and dislikes.  But  most kids are pretty resiliant and are quite teachable once in a loving environment.  Case in point…Angelina Jolie’s adoption of a 3 yr. old from Vietnam.  Here is the interview from Reader’s Digest of June 2007.

Angelina Jolie Interview

 Debbie Mumm, The Adoption Coach…. Everything for Adoption


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  1. We adopted 2 toddlers from Russia in 2004 – our daughter is healthy/happy, our son is neither healthy nor happy. Jane Aronson and Ron Federici have gotten to know us well through the years and through our struggles, and both have been major sources of support and guidance. Our son is not reachable with love alone. He was too damaged by the time we adopted him, at age 3.3 years. I am writing a book called When Rain Hurts. Sr. Editors at Penguin, Random House and Little Brown tried to acquire the book, only to be turned down at the acquisition meeting by the business folks who worried that it didn’t end triumphantly enough (ie, did not have a Lifetime Channel resolution). My book is about love and acceptance and the commitment to love in the face of remarkable challenge. I explore the very real, complicated feelings of loving your child while deploring the chaos and disability. I do think its an important exploration and one that hasn’t been discussed much in the media.

    For this reason, I started a blog 2 days ago ( to help build support for this project. I would be honored if you or someone on your staff took a look. The entire manuscript is available, if interested.

    Best – Mary Greene, mother to Peter (8) and Sophie (7) LoBrutto


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