It is True! The World IS revolving around Tania today!

TaniaWow…raising girls IS really different than raising boys! I know I was thrown into parenting a girl right when she became a pre-teen. I have heard that raising girls is great until they are about 11 (that’s the age Tania was when she was adopted) and then they drive you crazy until they are around 20. After that you can enjoy them again.

I am not saying I don’t enjoy Tania. She is a lot of fun, has a great sense of humor, and unending energy for things. However, she is stubborn beyond imagination. I know her independent streak is what she survived on in Russia, but I just wish she’d give in a little easier with us.

Today is Sunday. It is usually a given that we go to church. Tania makes it quite clear she doesn’t want to go and that she doesn’t need to go either. She tries to sleep late…therefore not having enough time to get ready. She rationalizes all the reason we should go to church without her.

Dennis ended up taking Alex to 10:45 mass and I had to wait here for Tania for the next mass at 12:15. I really don’t like going that late as the day seems half over when it is done. Then Tania continued to say she wasn’t going to church even though I am waiting for her. It is a constant battle until we get to church, and then she will lighten up. She will not be happy to be there and will probably look like I dragged her there unwillingly….which I did!

Ah…teenage girls…give me strength to make it through these difficult years!


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  1. Posted by Carol Jacques on Monday, April28, 2008 at 3:35 p04

    My prayers are with you!!! I go through something simular with Shelly. she feels because she goes to a christian school she doesn’t have to go to church…….WRONG!! Hang in there and keep the faith!!!
    Love, Carol


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