Carmel Catholic H.S.- Mom-Son Brunch

Year after year I have gotten the invitation to attend the Mother/Son Brunch at the end of the year at my son’s high school, Carmel High School, in Mundelein, IL.  I would briefly show it to the son in high school at the time and they would laugh.  I would then recycle it.  However, this year Kellen (my 3rd son)  actually checked with a few friends and learned they were going, so…we got to go this year!  Being that Kellen is a senior, this may be the first & last time that I see one of these brunches.

It started with a nice mass where the emphasis was on how grateful the sons were to have moms (nice touch!).  Seniors gave their mom a rose and then we had a  brunch and bingo game.  Kellen, by far my most vocal child, was very loud and boisterous with exclamations like, ‘Oh, yeah’ and ‘This is it!’ filled the room.  His goal was to win the light up slippers which were slippers with little lights on them.  He thought they were so cool.  His friend at our table won them…however, they both soon saw they were size small.  Oh, well…

Kellen & I never won a bingo game, but we had a lot of fun being there with his friends and their moms.  I was kind of surprised that we did have a good time but Kellen really does have a lot of nice friends.  One of them, Joe, has even signed on to be my friend on Facebook!  I

I think I will really miss all these high school events.  I know that Tania will be there in a little over a year, but I am guessing it’ll be a lot different with a girl.  I’m sure I’ll like that too though.  Going to these things helps me to understand why we spend the extra money to send our kids to a high school like Carmel.  Sometimes the ‘faith’ thing is an important thing to learn and to live with…especially in high school!

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach,



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