Tragedy for Steven Curtis Chapman family— say a prayer!

Words cannot express the pain the Chapman family must be feeling right now with the loss of their youngest daughter, aged 5.  This story came to me today and I thought I’d share it with you since Steven Curtis Chapman is a huge activist for International Adoption.  (His 3 daughters were adopted from China)

His beautiful children inspired him to write music and sing about adoption.  You can hear one of my favorite songs at Steven Curtis Chapman Adoption Song

Here is the story from the local TN paper—

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Tennessee authorities say the 5-year-old daughter of contemporary Christian music star Steven Curtis Chapman has been struck and killed by a sport-utility vehicle driven by her teenage brother. Tennessee Highway Patrol spokeswoman Laura McPherson says the girl, Maria, was hit in a driveway at the family residence this afternoon south of Nashville. McPherson says the Toyota Land Cruiser was driven by the girl’s brother. McPherson says several members of the Chapman family witnessed the accident. Chapman is originally from Paducah, Ky. McPherson says the brother apparently did not see the little girl. McPherson did not have the name or exact age of the brother. Vanderbilt Medical Center spokeswoman Laurie Holloway says the girl died later at the hospital.

Our thoughts & prayers are with the Chapman family at this time.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Listen when you have the chance – –

    God bless,


  2. Such a sad story. I heard abour this on the news this past weekend and prayed for their family. God is good though, although at times like this it is hard to see it sometimes!


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