How do Kids Drive their Parents Crazy?

Well…it has been a full weekend. 

On Friday I went with Alex’s class on their field trip to the Milwaukee Zoo.  Although it was a nice trip and a great zoo, we had a total of one and a half hours to tour it with our group of kids.  It took almost that long to get there and then another hour or more to get back to school.  They had to have the buses back early so the older kids could be picked up…seemed silly to me to have such a short time at the zoo.  However, Alex thanked me that night for coming with them.  So the kids didn’t seem to notice as much as the parents.

Later that day, Alex decided to cut the front of his hair off.  Tania is always cutting her hair, so he figured he’d do it.  Suddenly he had a bald spot right in the middle of his forehead.  It then became time for Dad to get the trimmer out and give Alex the ‘summer haircut’… a buzz.  He liked it though.

Over the weekend Alex and friend Peter found a fun activity of throwing little Lego guys out his bedroom window through a hole in the screen.  Once we discovered Legos all over the roof and driveway we lectured them on the expense of toys and how that didn’t seem like a great thing to do with Legos.  Dennis told him that was the end of those Legos.  Alex acted like he didn’t care.

However, the next day when he and Peter were in his bedroom and again, it was too quiet, I discovered that Alex had gone out the window onto the roof to retrieve his lego guys out of the gutter. (This is a second floor bedroom!)  Needless to say, we were not happy with the choices these 2 were making.  We hope Alex understands why he can’t do this again.  It was amazing to me that while we were scolding the boys they’d still ask if they could have a sleep-over that night.  I think NOT!

All this had me exhausted.  We still celebrated Memorial Day at my parents home and had a nice time.  The kids were good so the adults could talk awhile.  Let’s hope summer is not a long line of poor choices by Alex….could actually drive me crazy!

Debbie Mumm, The Adoption Coach

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