How to Adopt a Child–

How does one adopt a child internationally?  It takes a lot of time & money!  Most people get scared off just at the thought of all the work ‘adoption’ will be. 

However, there are millions of children waiting for someone to take them home….and we are giving up on these kids because we are afraid of the paperwork or the travel, etc.

My son at age 5, after being home with us a few months asked, “Mama, what took you so long to come and get me?  I was waiting and waiting.”  It broke my heart to think of the time he wished he had a family instead of living in a Russian orphanage.

Check out my new Adoption Highway System…it helps people through the International Adoption process.  It will be easier, save money and time PLUS you will be educated on what is happening along the way.  Best of all, you get a child who is waiting for you to join your family!

Here it is… Adoption Highway Kit  (click)

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach…

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