Another Milestone–High School Graduation!

KellenAs a mom, I sat on the bleachers in the Carmel Catholic High School gym and felt two distinct emotions yesterday as our son, Kellen, graduated from High School. I was very happy and proud that Kellen was graduating with good grades and knew he had many friends with him who had created some of his happiest moments.  I was also a bit sad (and admit to tearing up a bit) to think I wouldn’t be sitting in the Carmel bleachers anymore to watch him play.  I wouldn’t be seeing him or his friends much after this summer…and I really enjoyed them all, laughing in our home. 

There is something about high school graduation that is a rite of passage.  After years of taking care of a kid, washing his clothes, making his meals, making sure he is safe…day after day, year after year….it suddenly just changes.  One day you are doing ‘mom’ things for your kid like usual, and the next you are driving him far away to another world called ‘college’ and leaving him there.  You return home to an empty room with no dirty socks on the floor or football equipment in the laundry room.  It is a huge void…yet a necessary one. Your child has grown up and is independent.  This is what you have been working towards for 18 years.  It seems like just a short while ago he went through that cute little kindergarten graduation with the paper caps. But now you wish you just had a little more time with that little boy that used to sit in your lap.

We did have a nice day.  The weather was perfect.  We took pictures and did lots of hugging. We had a graduation party where everyone had a great time! 

Time marches on.  It is wonderful to see our son grow up to be such a fine young man.  But it is a hard time emotionally on moms.  I realize this as I type this….I know that he will love college just like my older two.  But I also know that life at home is not the same once they go off to college.

Any comments from Moms (or Dads) on Graduation???


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  1. Posted by Trish in Florida on Wednesday, June4, 2008 at 3:35 p06

    I am going to go through this on June 6th,2008. I am sad that this journey is over. I have really enjoyed everything I have gone through with my son. I too, will miss the football and basketball games Very much. But I do realize that his journey will begin and I am very proud of him. Thanks for your blog….and best of luck to your son.



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