A Perfect Father’s Day–almost…

Things did go pretty well this Father’s Day.  Both Travis & Kellen (now 23 & 18)  actually came to church with us.  So the whole family, except Brandon, now living in Ripon, WI., went to church, had a nice lunch at a local Italian restaurant, went out for a round of mini-golf and topped it off with ice cream before coming home.  The weather was nice and warm…and no rain for a change.  We all had fun and enjoyed each other.

All in all it was a great day!  However….I did have a slight run-in with Tania later in the day.  I had to pick up and later drop off a girl friend of hers.  I was not real impressed with how she dressed, her style.  Of course, Tania is totally into the ‘scene’ or skater look these days also.  Tania happened to spend the night at this girl’s house the other night and her mom helped both of them dye black stripes into their hair.  I guess I am from the old school, where I would have asked the other mom if that was ok.  This did not happen, however, and Tania now has striped hair that sticks up.  It is just another thing I have to cope with. I mentioned to Tania that I was not real happy with her choices of friends these days.  She went into hysterics because I am judging her friends by how they look.  This may be partially true but I also see how they act and have learned a little about some of their families.  I guess I had hoped Tania would find some nice girls that I could trust her hanging out with and that had families that I could trust would watch her when I leave her in their care.  This is not the case and I have to be the ‘mean’ mom and set rules she doesn’t like.  So…she was furious with me that I don’t think she has great friends and then immediately calls them on the phone to tell them this.  I again got upset because she is telling her friends that I don’t like them…don’t like their hair, their clothes, etc.  Gee..everything a teenager loves to hear, right?  I tried to explain to her that if these girls are her friends then she wouldn’t be hurting their feelings by telling them these things, right?  She seems to think she has to tell them everything…and I think this is the main reason she has such on-again, off-again friends…because she tells them too much.

I must say, having a teenage girl is so much more difficult that teenage boys!  Pray I get through the summer!  I did tell Tania we signed her up for camp in July.  She had a meltdown but then recovered.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  I am hoping she can just have a good old-fashioned camp experience…make some ‘normal’ friends…like summers are supposed to be.

More on this later!  Sigh!

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach, www.everythingforadoption.com



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  1. adoption is a very intersting topic, how did you get into the field?


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