Univ. of Missouri — Our Summer Trip

We headed for Mizzou (Univ. of MO) last week so Kellen could attend the Summer Welcome and the Rush program for Freshmen.   I was amazed at how well run the Summer Welcome program was for both parents and students.  We attended meetings about safety on campus, dorm life, requirements for grades and more.  It was very informative and I came away feeling better about sending my 18 yr. old off to school there next month.  www.missouri.edu

Kellen actually found a fraternity he liked and joined it that weekend also.  Having the name of ‘Farmhouse’ caused me some concern but did learn it is a national, Greek, IFC fraternity.  www.mizzoufh.com He is excited to be living in the house this fall, since the dorm of his choice was not available.  They are a frat that is one of the best at scholarship and grades…which is comforting for a parent to hear!  I am sure that because they are one of the best at Intramural Sports on campus had some influence on Kellen…who loves sports.  The other factor we noticed was that FH had green and gold for colors (same as the Packers)…and we all know that Kellen bleeds green & gold!  He smiled at that comparison!

As for our weekend, while Kellen was at Rush…we had a great time hiking the National Park in that area where we waded through creeks and saw a cave.  Tania & Alex, of course, loved the hotel pool and spent a lot of time there.  The trip home was long but they good.  Everyone was happy & tired…the good kind of tired.

I know we have to make this trip again in August to move Kellen into the frat house.  I am sure it’ll be 100% humidity then…and I was very uncomfortable with the heat there in June!  I am very glad Kellen is so happy to go to Mizzou but I am a little sad that I will be missing him at home.  (I know he will return..just like the others!)

Until next time….

Debbie Mumm, The Adoption Coach, www.everythingforadoption.com


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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by our blog. Your story is beautiful. We have talked about adoption before and it defiantly isn’t completely out of our heads for now. there are so many amazing children that need homes. What a very special place you are in to help others along the way.

    have a great day



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