Alex & Summer School

Alex, now 9, is having difficulty with schoolwork.  He hates it for the most part because it requires work, it isn’t ‘fun’ and it’s hard for him.  I feel bad for him as he is already by age a grade level behind.  We got the chance to do a School Extension in the summer school program.  It helps kids retain what they learned throughout the year for a better transition in the fall.

Well…Alex hated it.  He sometimes was good, but for the most part refused to work at school and even got angry and did name-calling to the teachers.  Yesterday, I picked him up from the bus as we were going to have lunch with my Mom and sister.  He yelled, swore, threw things, etc., in the car.  A total full-blown meltdown.  I knew it had to do with school.   When he cooled down enough to talk with me he confessed he didn’t want to do his schoolwork and had sat through the morning doing mostly nothing.  This upset him a lot. 

I made the executive decision that this summer school program was not going to do him any good if he didn’t cooperate and then was miserable all the time about it.  It was his last day of summer school. (It was a government funded program so it didn’t hurt our checkbook, but still wish he could have handled it.)

He immediately became a pleasant little boy again…happy, talking excitedly about things, etc.  The weight was lifted.  I did make a deal with him that we would do 30 min. of work each day…just him & me before he could play with anyone.  He seemed ok with that.

Here is a favorite photo of Alex…who, by the way, is usually a real sweetie-pie!

My little Russian hero--

My little Russian hero--

Debbie Mumm, The Adoption Coach,


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