A Weekly Affair with ‘The Sears Guy’—

Yes…the neighbors were beginning to talk!  Every week, like clockwork, a Sears repair van would appear in our driveway.  The repair man, although not always the same one, would disappear into the house for 30 minutes or more and then exit the home…leaving for, yet, another week. 

This happened for 7 consecutive weeks while we waited for someone to ‘FIX’ our washing machine.  In the meantime, as a mom with 6 people living in the house, had to do laundy at the local laundry mat.  It was NOT fun!  A few times the washing machine got fixed enough to do laundry although it sent a burning smell throughout the house and would take twice as long as the machine stopped and started throughout the cycle.  Each week a new part would be ordered and then added to the machine.

The last ‘Sears Guy’ took complete pity on me and after changing the electical panel, and checking the new motor that was installed weeks before, he then put in a new transmission.  Needless to say, the inside of my 8 yr. old washer is now new.  It has been working great for the past week…knock on wood!

I have a new appreciation for the patience people seem to have at the laundry mat, waiting for the laundry to be finished and hauling it from machine to machine…then hauling it all back to the car and home.  We truly don’t know what a convenience a washer & dryer is until we don’t have it!

Also…for someone who never usually buys maintenance plans on products, this time I am glad we had one.  All the repairs, parts and appointments had a bill well over $1000 at the end.  Luckily, with our Sears agreement, it was all covered! For that, I am glad!

Hopefully our weekly affair has now ended….and our neighbors can no longer speculate what is going on.

Debbie Mumm, The Adoption Coach… www.everythingforadoption.com


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