Putting Your Dog to Sleep–It’s Hard to Say Goodbye!

Today we had to make the difficult decision to put our little bischon, Bo, to sleep.  He was over 16 yrs. old, blind & deaf, but until recently would run around the house usually barking for someone to feed him.  However, in the past 2 weeks he stopped eating and began sleeping more.  He had more and more accidents every day…which was difficult to see.  I was also getting tired of mopping the floor constantly.  All carpeted areas were blocked off.

Today he didn’t even bother to get up and when he did he staggered more than walked.  The vet said we could come in today(Sat.) or next week.  Part of me wanted to wait, but I was afraid he’d get really sick or die in front of the kids…so we went in today to have him euthanized. 

The kids all said goodbye to him and even my older boys were a bit choked up.  They didn’t want to come and be with him though at the end.  Dennis came with me.  It was harder than I thought…especially since the nurses were all tearing up and crying…making it hard to be strong.  Once the shot was given Bo just laid down his head like he fell asleep.  But he was gone. 

We pet him a few more times and thanked the doctor and the nurses quickly.  I had to get out of there.

Since we came home, I removed most of Bo’s things.  The little gates around the house are gone.  His dishes and mat are gone.  Have we forgotten him?  NO…that will take awhile.  It has been 16 years of letting him out, feeding him, closing gates…and many things we do without thinking twice about.

He had a good life, was a good dog and we’ll miss him.  Do I want another dog someday?  NO….

I am done.  Please keep reminding me of that.  They are a lot of work…and Mom does 99% of it.  I know my kids all promised to help, but it was me that did everything for him.

So…tonight as I head off to bed, I will not have let him out before I do so, or get his food ready for tomorrow.  I will not have to be the first one up in the morning to let him out.  But I am still a little sad that this part of our life…having a dog…has ended.

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach…. www.everythingforadoption.com

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  1. Oh Deb I am so sorry!! I know exactly what you went through. I think I told you about Lizzy our black lab. We went through that same thing in April. Lizzy and Bo are together running and playing in what Ken called the “happy hunting grounds”. Ken doesn’t want another dog either. Shelly really does. But you are right Mom does the cleaning up and Dad does the training. Ken doesn’t want to go through that again. I have mixed feelings. Well you are all in my thouhgts and prayers.

    Love, Carol


  2. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Bo.

    I lost my dog Angel in the same manner. Its hard to loose a part of your family and dogs make a very big impact on the lives of their owners. The dog probably did as much for you as you did for it.

    When the kids stressed you out and work was rough im sure Bo was there for some affection.

    The thing that I have learned about dogs is that there is a reason they are called mans best friend. They are so in tune to the human emotions.

    I though after Angel i would never have that again just like you. Well i have had Rocky Balboa my big German sheppard for 5 years.

    The end never justifies the means . You gave Bo a great life and im sure that if their is a doggy heaven Bo is very happy with you.


  3. Hi

    I am so sorry for your loss. I had to put my 7 year old
    yorkie to sleep to day.. The poor little thing was blind,
    could not hear, had cushings, a large hernia on his butt,
    my vet said he was to old to remove the hernia, the medication
    for the cushings would make him sick. He started whinning at night and kept pacing, he could not stay still. I would give him a baby aspirin for pain. I would give him melatonia to help him sleep at night. The melatonia stopped working. I had to think of him to stop his pain. He had no quality of life. He was miserable.
    Boy did I fall apart when they injected that needle and he went to sleep. I started crying and said oh my God, I could not catch my breath, could not stop crying, and I am still crying. I know
    he is out of pain now, and I was really doing this for him.
    I thought about this for a while. I have had dogs all my life but never had a dog live til 17, where I had to make this
    decision. He would walk around like he did not know where to go.
    he would face the corner and just stare. He would bump into things.I could not see my baby suffer any more. If I did this for him, why do I feel so bad.. I know I will get over this in time. It just hurts me so much now.. So I really know how you have felt. They are like a part of your family


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