A Look Back at Kellen’s Summer Vacation–

Kellen got a wonderful graduation gift from his Aunt Peggy, my sister, who lives in SunValley, ID.  She had him come visit her and then took him on some real adventures…which he loved.

He went swimming, mountain biking, white water rafting and para-sailing.  They were all extremely fun and he admitted he loved the mountain biking best.  The bike was carried up in a ski lift to the top of the mountain.  Then you ride this bike down the mountain on this very narrow path.  My guess is it is very fast and full of twisty turns.  Kellen loved it.

However, the story we love to hear is that of the para-gliding.  He jumps off a cliff with someone on his back and glides through the air for more than a half an hour.  His instructor comments that he has never gone so high with a client before as they near 15,000 feet.  The altitude takes some adjusting and Kellen does throw up while up there.  (Hmm…wonder where that landed?)  Then the altitude causes him to have a bloody nose…which splatters all over his face and clothes.  They have trouble getting out of the air currents and have to do a ‘death spiral’ to lose altitude.  The spin so fast he cannot see…it is a good thing he already lost his breakfast at this point.  When he lands on the ground my sister looks shocked to see him blood splattered and dizzy!

His first comments to me about the trip off the mountain…Awesome!  He loved it.  I am not sure I’d do it, but am thrilled he got the chance to try this.

He had a wonderful trip.  It was a great way to end his summer and then head off to college.



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