Feel My Moustache!

I was somewhat taken aback when Alex, 9, asked me to feel his moustache when I put him to bed last night.  I felt it and remarked it was nice and smooth.  He then informed me that he had cleaned & scrubbed his moustache and face so that’s why it was so nice!  Well, at that point I figured I better ask how he scrubbed his face.  Of course, he had started brushing his teeth and his toothbrush was all nice and foamy.  It seemed like the perfect opportunity to scrub his face with this foamy toothbrush.  After getting his face all foamed up, he then finished brushing his teeth (with the same brush) .  He then rinsed off his face and toothbrush…and was ready for bed.

I quickly commented that using his toothbrush for his teeth and his face was not a good idea.  He was shocked.  “Why? It’s my teeth and face!”, he exclaimed.  “Still not a good idea to mix all that ‘stuff’ onto one toothbrush and then put it back in your mouth”, I suggested.  I could tell he wasn’t impressed with my way of thinking.  So…I just sighed and let him go to bed.  I was tired and it didn’t seem like a discussion I was going to win anyway.

Debbie Mumm, The Adoption Coach….. www.everythingforadoption.com

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