Mom, the pond is overfloating!

Well…thanks to several hurricanes and cold fronts colliding in the midwest we are getting dumped with rain.  Mind you, this is nothing like TX was just hit with…but still a nuisance, none the less.

After running some morning errands, Alex came running to tell me that the pond we live next to was ‘overfloating’.  (He has never seemed to remember the word ‘flowing’…but how many kids use that word anyway?)

Our neighborhood, overrun with little boys, was like DisneyWorld for them today.  Worms all over the driveways, water creeping into back yards with the Lake County people desperately pumping water from the pond into the sewer.  Alex could hardly contain his excitement!

I am not quite as happy with the outcome of things right now, however.  While our neighbors behind us already have wet basements from the pond over’floating’, our home does sit on higher ground.  I just looked out my back window to see that the guys with the pumps and hoses have now started pumping water from the over’floating’ pond behind us into the pond next to our house.  Now this pond is rising quickly…up to and beyond some of the trees.  I am wondering if this is such a great idea as now our home is slowly becoming at risk for water!  What may be exciting for our youngest son, may turn into a nightmare for us adults!  The weather is supposed to stay rainy the rest of today and tomorrow.  Let’s hope it has somewhere to go besides our basement.

Stay tuned….

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach….


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