Hey, Mom! You know what?

“Hey, Mom!  You know what?”, Alex asks.  “What?”, I reply.  This starts many a conversation in our home and in our van as Alex starts all his conversations with this question.

Alex is truly a gift to us.  He is one little package of pure energy & excitement…and people just smile when they talk to him.  I thought I’d just list a few of the things he’s been doing lately that are kind of funny or cute.l

He seems to get very concerned about me when we are in crowds.  He does not want to lose me so he makes sure he is holding my hand, or he makes Dennis hold my hand.  If Dennis & I get too far apart Alex will yell and tell us to slow down!  My thoughts are that he loves having a mom & dad and can’t imagine losing them now that he has them.

This past weekend we drove to MO to visit Kellen at Mizzou for Family Weekend.  The weather was beautiful and we had fun…even though the 8 hour drive is long!  Alex could not get enough of his big brother while we were there.  He had to sit next to him at all the meals or hang on him the rest of the time.  When it came time to leave he just couldn’t hug and kiss Kellen enough.  Kellen kept pulling him away and setting him on the ground (remember, Kellen is 6’5 and Alex is all of 49 lbs.)  Alex would jump back on him and plant more kisses on him and hang on his neck.  Kellen gave Alex an Army hat he had picked up somewhere and Alex just loved that.  He wore it most of the way home.  Several times he sighed in the car saying, “I sure miss Kellen!”  It was very cute.

We have found a wonderful private school for Alex this year since he was just getting farther and farther behind at the public school here.  Unfortunately, it is over an hour drive to and from the school each day.  Luckily, we are able to get a ride from another family here in town!  Last year he hated everything about school and was very defiant.  Yesterday he asked me if we could stop at WalMart sometime to buy his teacher a necklace because he loved her.  So sweet!

Here is a photo of Alex sitting next to older brother, Brandon and his dad, Dennis at the Mizzou football game.  He is a pretty loving kid…when he wants to be!

Alex at Mizzou Football game

Alex at Mizzou Football game

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