Who Killed the Goose?

Now I’ll be the first to say that our family is not too fond of geese.  We live next to a pond.  The first summer we were here we thought the few that hung around were interesting to watch.  However, geese hatch 8-10 eggs each spring and after a few years went by the number of geese in our yard was unbelievable.  If you know anything about geese…all they seem to do is eat and poop.  So our grass was their food and then they fertilized it…ha!  Needless to say, we couldn’t even walk across the yard without stepping in something.  There were days the geese wouldn’t let us get into our car–they are territorial and NOT friendly.  My husband will chase them with a broom and many times we have sent Alex out to chase them off our yard.

However, today, when I gazed out the back window I saw a pile of feathers, and a dead goose laying right in the middle of our back yard.  It is obvious something killed it.  We have heard there are fox and coyote in the area yet I have never seen one .  I may have to tell the neighbors to watch their small dogs…as this goose is very large so I’m guessing something fairly large got to it.

The other bad news was that when I called Animal Control in our area I was told to just double bag the goose up and put him in the garbage.  You mean to say they don’t have someone that can come out and do that for us?  Nope…  However I could call someone who charges $75 for that service.  Hmmm….so I called my husband.  He is good, free labor…and boy, did he sound excited about this job!  I just hope he comes home before Alex comes home from school since little boys find ‘dead birds’ in the yard as VERY exciting!  I’m sure he’d want to save feathers or something even more disgusting!

Ah, yes…another exciting day at the Mumm household!

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach…. www.everythingforadoption.com


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