Alex–Our NEW Kid who likes school!

The reason I say Alex is our NEW kid is not because he was adopted into our family 4 years ago from a Russian orphanage.  It is because for the past 3 years in the public school he was miserable.  He felt stupid and was becoming a behavior problem in the classroom.  The teachers didn’t know what to do with him.

This fall we put him into a private school called The Delphi Academy which is over an hour drive away.  He has to get up very early and leave the house by 6:30 am.  He doesn’t get home until after 5 pm… a long day for a little boy who loves to ‘play’.  However, he is thriving in this school.  The teacher conference was today and she claimed he is moving quickly through the reading program.  Yes…he isn’t into 2nd grade reading yet, but will be soon.  His self-esteem is high and he feels good about himself.  He is happy most of the time so I know we did the right thing in moving him to this new school.  The public school just didn’t know where ‘orphanage delays’ fit into a learning plan.  This new school does individual learning plans for each child so Alex is moving at his pace…and he feels good about it.

And so do we!



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