Barack Obama is a Flight Attendant?

I know that Alex would be the star on ‘Kids Say the Darndest Things’ as he keeps us all smiling with the things he says.
Last year I had commented on this blog about what he learned about Martin Luther King, calling him Martha Lulu Ping. I am sure his teacher had put some thought into teaching the kids real facts about him, but the story was sure a wild one once Alex told it.
This year I took Alex to FL for 6 days to visit my parents over Martin Luther King day. Tania went with me last year.
As we got on the plane to head home last week we were welcomed by a tall, thin black man. Alex looked amazed and once we got to his seat he exclaimed, “Mom, I think that man is Barack Obama!” I later told the attendant this and he asked Alex if he wanted his autograph. We chuckled and commented that he really shouldn’t be working right now since it was the day of his inauguration.
Even though it wasn’t really Obama, I was somewhat impressed that Alex knew who that was, since he never acts like he pays much attention to politics or news.

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