Street Scenes at Carmel Catholic H.S. again!

Wow!  Where does the year go?  I am always so exhausted after working our entertainment room at Street Scenes ( a HUGE fundraiser for our high school) that I am amazed when it is suddenly time to do it all over again.

Good News!  We got a bigger room.  The actors are happy and the people coming will be happy as it is a popular show and we usually turn people away because of the crowds.

Bad News!  The room is twice the size it used to be.  We have twice as many walls and ceiling to work on…twice as many decorations.  That’s what I’ve been working on today.

However, we had tons of people show up last night to help us set up the room so it went much quicker than we expected.  I am going back over tonight to add some decorations to the walls and the stage.  They want the stage to look like a trailer home with tacky furniture, pictures, etc.  I have some ideas.

This is a very well run week and those of you looking for ways for your school to make money you should check the Carmel H.S. site for that.  Carmel Street Scenes This has been done for over 30 years here and very successfully…making hundreds of thousands of dollars.  It takes a LOT of volunteers.  And that is where we fall in to place!

Kellen graduated from there in the spring. Tania took the entrance test to go there in the fall…however, she is fighting us on this right now.  All her friends from the public school are going to the public high school.  We think she’d do better in a smaller, more structured school like Carmel.  It has been difficult to adjust to America, let alone, teenage girls…who can be the meanest of all people on the planet!

Do you have opinions on public high schools vs. private high schools?

Take care…

Until next time,

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach…. Everything for Adoption


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