Alex’s 4th birthday–but he is 10!

Our son, Alex, turns 10 tomorrow. It is only the 4th birthday he has celebrated however since he was adopted from Russia four years ago. I remember the first time he was given a present. He just sat and looked at it. He had no idea what this box wrapped in paper was. We had to show him how to rip the paper off to find the gift underneath. He was a quick learner and soon had all his presents ripped open.
His first birthday, when he turned 6, was a total blur to him. He had no expectations and no understanding of all the attention he was getting. He did like it however. The next year, he was like, “Wow! We get to do this again?” Still expectations were low…kind of nice when a simple cake and a few presents is plenty.
Well, now it is the 4th time he has been through this…plus, he’s been to many other parties for people. He has been questioning us all week if we went shopping for him yet. He still gets upset if I say I bought a Baby Wet & Spit for him! No way!!
We will be taking 10 boys to the Y to swim and play…eat cake, drink punch and of course, open presents. He is on Cloud Nine and is counting the minutes until the party.
He is thrilled Kellen is coming in for his birthday. (Actually Spring Break at college starts today…but he thinks Kellen is coming in for him, mostly!)

I am sure we’ll all have a great day watching Alex revel in all the attention. He is a great kid and deserves a day just for him! We just remember all the kids in orphanages who never celebrate birthdays or go to parties…and are happy that Alex’s life has changed for the better!

Happy Birthday Alex!

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach




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