Adoption Language?

After becoming an adoptive parent I became more aware of ‘Adoption Language’. Sometimes, as an Adoptive Parent or Adoption Advocate, we need to step in and tell people the correct words to use for adoption. Most people mean well, but are just not familiar with the words that are less offensive. Here are just a few….
* Gave up for adoption— gave up has such a negative connotation. Instead use ” Chose Adoption for her child”.

* Real Mom-–most people are referring to the ‘birth mom’ with this term. I like to think the adoptive mom is the real mom who is there for all the ups and downs of life with her child. A better term is ‘birth mom’.

* ‘Biological parent‘ is better than ‘Natural Parent’. Is there an unnatural parent?

* ‘Child with Special Needs‘ is better than ‘Handicapped Child’.

* My Child’ is better than ‘My adopted child’.

If we all help others become more sensitive to Adoption Language then we won’t be offending people and children who are loved and part of the adoption community.

Deborah Mumm
The Adoption Coach

One response to this post.

  1. Natural mother is nicer than biological mother.


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