Prom Day Memories

Last night at our Adoption Support Group meeting I shared a very hectic day with the group…Jr./Sr. Prom for our son, Kellen.   It was one of those crazy days that added at least two new gray hairs to my head!

I assume girls spend the entire day of prom getting ready.  I still have this to look forward to! This is not true with boys…at least my boys  get ready an hour before they need to leave the house.

I was getting the camera ready to take with us to the home we were meeting all the high school kids and parents for picture taking before prom when Kellen came down to announce that one of the sleeves of his tux was too short and the other one was never sewn so it hung down to his fingertips.  Not being a seamstress of any sorts, I grabbed a needle and thread out of my sewing box and exclaimed I’d sew the sleeves up in the car on the way over to the house.

As I passed Alex’s bedroom in our rush to leave, I noticed his door was shut.  Alex was 8 at the time (he’s our son adopted from Russia just a few years earlier).  The door shut was a sign something was not right.  He had been in there awhile with his friend, Peter.  I opened the door and said, “What are two guys doing?”  I was immediately faced with 2 sheepishly looking boys who looked quite guilty about something.  It was apparent that it had something to do with the window being wide open. Peter quickly pointed at Alex and said, ” I told him not to do it!”  “Do what?”, I asked.  Alex had been out on the roof collecting Lego guys he and Peter had thrown out the window.  He had even crawled down to the gutters to collect them all.  This is a second story window over a cement driveway.

As I stood holding Kellen’s tux, Kellen yelled up the stairs,”Mom, we’ve got to go. We are going to be late!”

I ordered Peter to go home then quickly got into Alex’s face.  “You must never go out on the roof.  It is dangerous.  You could have fallen and gotten hurt. We might have had to take you to the hospital!”  I was trying to show him the impact of what could have happened.  Alex just stared at me in dismay and said, ” But I didn’t fall, Mom!  So you don’t need to be mad.”  My husband quickly closed and locked the window and I sent Alex downstairs to spend the rest of the day away from friends as a punishment for doing something so dangerous.  He was crying and thought I was quite unfair since he didn’t think he should be punished when he didn’t even get hurt.

I frantically got into the car and sewed up the sleeves on Kellen’s jacket before we got to the house for ph0tos.  They weren’t exactly even but Kellen didn’t seem to mind.  He was just glad to be going to prom and was anxious for us to leave so he could go have fun.

It was one of those days that only a Mom can look back at and smile.  I survived it and life did go on…but if I had a choice I’d rather have dramatic events happen one at a time and not all at the same time.

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach



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