His Own Little Language

Shortly after we adopted Tania and Alex (ages 10 & 5) we realized that the ‘language thing’ is kind of a BIG thing initially.  Our kids were quite social and were always talking to us…like we understood Russian.  Most of the time I could kind of figure out what they were talking about because of their hand gestures or facial expressions.  Other times I just would say one phrase I did know in Russian –“I don’t understand”….and smile.

It was late summer when the kids arrived so every day we made the 4 block trek to the park, since they didn’t have any friends to play with yet and I had no clue what to do with them otherwise.  One day, as we walked along while Alex rode his big wheel he was talking at the top of his lungs (in Russian) very excitedly…probably about every little thing he saw along the way.  There was an older woman sitting on her porch watching us go by.  She commented to us, “Isn’t that cute?  It’s like he has his own little language!”

Dennis & I smiled at each other. Then I replied to her, “Actually, it is!  We like to call it Russian.”  Before we could say much more to her, Alex had sped off ahead of us so we ran down to path to catch up to him.  It was kind of funny!

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach


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