Time to Boycott this very Anti-Adoption Movie

As the parent of two older children adopted from Russian orphanages I was quite upset to hear about this movie coming out soon.   Most people have the idea that older children will have more problems and therefore don’t consider adopting kids that are older.  Is this movie going to help older kids sitting in institutions right now?  You watch the trailer and tell me what you think.  I think it’s terrible.

The messaging in the trailer perpetuates misinformation about adoption, and it serves to reinforce the perception that older adoptees are very troubled. Those of us in the adoption community face these very real prejudices and misconceptions from the general public on a daily basis.

More positive things are needed to be said about adopting older children to help these kids find families.  Do some kids have troubles after being institutionalized for years?  Yes.  Are all of them permanently damaged?  No.  Let’s try to help children living in orphanages…not make movies portraying them as monsters that murder their families.  Here is the trailer for the film—


Just my opinion….What’s yours?

**If you want to boycott this upcoming movie you can do so on Facebook.

Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach


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  1. I just published an article on the topic. Please feel free to read, comment, and pass the link along:

    Cathy Doheny
    Charlotte International Adoption Examiner


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