Warner Bros. responds to Orphan movie Protest

As per my last post, I was disappointed to see a movie that offers people another reason to be scared to adopt an older child.  I realize it is a horror movie and not real but I don’t like any negative messages getting out there about adoption that might scare potential adoptive families.  Warner Bros did listen to our protests and this is a response Facebook member received yesterday.

Warner Bros. response to Orphan movie protest

So, you can see that even a small group of people with a concern for their childrens well-being can make a difference.  Will the movie still be played across the country?  Yes, but we have made some small steps towards improving the situation.

Let’s keep Adoption as a term used positively for another way to build a family.


Deborah Mumm, The Adoption Coach

Everything for Adoption


2 responses to this post.

  1. As recently new adoptive parents, we read almost anything we can get our hands on about how to be better parents and deal with issues that impact people throughout the triad. We also fully support any initiative that will make things easier (and still safe) for kids to be adopted into loving families.

    However, I think your message is a little bit on the unnecessary hysteria side. You’re trying to start a grass roots campaign against a movie that you haven’t seen yet. I watched the trailer and didn’t find it “negative to adoptive children” or stereotypical in any way. There have been horror flicks about husbands, wives, baby sitters, co-workers, nannies, as well as children (think the Omen, the Exorcist, etc.). I don’t think people are going to start campaigns to prevent the release of movies worried that people will stop getting married, having kids, or working in an office as a result of something that was obviously put in place for entertainment purposes.

    From what I saw in the trailer, the kid could have been a non-adopted child, a typical parent/child, or a alien child who materialized as a result of global warming.. The kids weren’t making fun of her because she was adopted – but because she was “different”. Kids do that.. It’s their nature…. As parents, we should be doing all we can educate everyone and help our children deal with situations like this..

    Let’s start a grass roots effort to open adoption in China or encourage adoption benefits for adoptive parents — that’s an effort that will truly help people and make a difference..

    Just my two cents….


  2. Sorry about the slow response…I understand what you are saying here and I, too, think it must be very frustrating to have to fight for your own birth certificate. And while you are justified to speak out on this, I don’t think it applies to most of the people who read my blog or go to my website…which is all about Int’l Adoption. Most of my readers are looking for info because they have some interest in adopting the International route…through poor countries & orphanages. I try to keep things positive as millions of kids wait for families…and they aren’t concerned with paperwork or birth certificates…they just want a family. And like my kids, once orphans living in orphanages, they want to like other kids…no longer orphans, but belonging to a family. They want to be loved like biological kids…which was my complaint on the one line used in the trailer of the film, Orphan,…It must be hard to love an orphaned child as much as your own child. The film company listened and removed that from the trailer…so I am satisfied someone listened to adoptive parents on that one.
    Best of luck to you on your ventures to straighten out Domestic Adoption issues. Thanks for your opinion.
    D. Mumm


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